Workshop with Us

Has your team hit a road block? We consider workshops as an opportunity for collaboration and innovation.

We want YOU to see YOU with fresh eyes, ears and hearts. The magic of a workshop can provide new perspectives and insights to strengthen your understanding of your team and what you are trying to achieve. As tangible work product, you will have a co-created a roadmap for your goals and how to move forward. Together.

Our Process
So why Crisp? Our team is uniquely positioned to bring a diversity of perspective to your challenge. We consider and apply design strategy skills to everything we do, from culture to build.

Crisp workshops are designed to be inclusive, entertaining, and educational experiences centered around the core client–you and your team. Your goals for the workshop will directly contribute to a bespoke solution and process and facilitate tangible outcomes. With each client, we start our conversation based around an initial pre-assessment, or analysis, of your work group and the challenge you are facing.

Team building and innovation are our north star, and process is our rocket ship. Crisp teams are hand-curated to reflect your goals, achieve desired outcomes, and build successful working dynamics between our team and yours.

We recognize workshops are an investment. They can easily suck up money and time. We are here to do just the opposite because no one likes a dreary dead end. Especially not us!

Crisp’s virtual workshops are focused on maximizing:
•Cultural Connectivity
•Effective time management
•Innovative, playful engagement
•Resetting team dynamics and practices
•Lasting, tangible take-aways

Topics for workshops include:

Organizational Culture
+ Team Dynamics
+ Strategies
+ Privilege
Making Way
for Innovation

Crisp originated as a remote agency, and we understand how challenging it can be to maintain a work culture from a distance. Currently we are considering all workshops to be conducted virtually, given physical distancing practices. We look forward to returning to in-person workshops when possible.

Crisp offers two potential tracks for workshops:

1. A series of pre-constructed offerings generated by the Crisp team and available for immediate use.

2. A thematic group of options that provide flexibility to co-author materials with and for our clients.

Want to chat more about Crispy workshops? Please send us a message below!

We look forward to learning more about your specific needs.