How we do what we do

Guess what? We care more about YOUR story than any particular process... but we're here to tell you how the magic happens anyway, because we have a process that can adjust to you and your needs.

Our Process
We strive to delight audiences and turn our clients' ideas into reality. To do this, we come to the table as professional guests in your area of expertise. While we know and teach a wide variety of design methodologies and techniques, we get pumped learning about what you do, and what you know. Drawing from your expertise, and pulling from our creative process know-how, we are ready to start co-creating a solution!

We craft experiences that "teach while doing"​ to make connections that last. Our goal is to learn from our clients; uncover what their needs are, and to co-create bespoke solutions.

Our clients are the experts and we are the facilitators, groomers, and caretakers of their content. While our team has a bounty of expertise in strategy, planning, design, writing, programming, media and more, we recognize your story is the one that is here to be told and we are here to support your ideas!

Here are a few tools that we employ to get a project rolling:

•Analysis of Current Systems
•Competitive Analysis
•Strengths and Stretches
•Conservation Assessment
•Surfacing the Narrative
•Representation and Inclusion

If you have an idea, we want to be your MacGyver. With an expertise in team building, branding, experience and exhibition design, our team is not one to shy away from a challenge. We like the unexpected, the weird and the wonderful!

Branded Environments +
Promotional +
Marketing Campaigns
Programming +
Community Engagement
Design Strategy +
Dynamic Workshops
Media Experiences + 
Tech Integration
Diversity, Equity,  
Inclusion + Access

Inclusive Design
We make solutions for people.
Real bona fide human beings.

Inclusive design is in our DNA. It is not an afterthought, but the backbone that inspires our ideation process on each and every project. We aim for the work to be accessible and representative of our end users. We are proud that our process is co-drafted with our clients and created with care for users and their needs.

We make great experiences by learning from those around us. With work that travels the globe, we are here to cater to everyone and not the few.

We even like to appreciate our sources! Gifs on this page: courtesy of @mighty-oak via Giphy. Icons on this page: Book, Hand Touch, Creative, Graph, Prototype, and Graphic courtesy of Vectorstall via the Noun Project.