Cast of Characters

Create Crisp specializes in beautiful solutions concocted from a mix of education, entertainment, interactivity and take-away messaging. We deal in the nerdy, dabble in awe-making, and believe firmly in play. Ready to get started?


Create Crisp is 100% committed to success in exhibition development, museums, design, and whatever we set our sights on. Flip the pictures below to learn more about each member of our team!

Davina Wolter is our Founder, Principal, and lover of all things crispy.

An accomplished Experience Designer, Davina’s work can be seen at USC's Doheny Memorial Library, the Natural History Museum of L.A. County, the LaBrea Tar Pits and Museum, the Getty Center and Getty Villa, and around the globe in traveling exhibition materials. With expertise in both 2d and 3d design, she works in interdisciplinary teams, providing insight as to how different domains (and personalities) best fit together to create an educational experience, environment, product and/or campaign.

In 2018, Davina established Create Crisp, a design firm dedicated to creating inviting, engaging, and meaningful educational experiences, and to propelling the careers of female creatives and educators.

Davina can also be found teaching both graduate and undergraduate disruptors at USC’s Iovine and Young Academy. She is a full-time Associate Professor of Practice, in Design, and Assistant Dean of IDEA Initiatives & University Diversity Liaison (DEI). Davina is honored to serve on the IDSA LA, and ReDiscover Advisory Boards.

Davina's PREVIOUS work

Kat Talley-Jones is our lead Interpretive Writer and Content Developer.

Kat is a writer, researcher, and project planner for museums, science centers, and national parks. She's won awards from the American Alliance of Museum’s Excellence in Label Writing Competition for work on the LA Natural History Museum’s Nature Lab and Dinosaur Hall.

Kat's developed exhibits, books, and multimedia on everything from dinosaurs, Buddhist art, space exploration, Vikings, Edgar Allan Poe, dinosaurs, modernist art, alligators, caves, dinosaurs, renewable energy, Catholic sisters, mummies, LA history, nature in LA (yes, there’s a lot of it!), a dozen national parks, and more dinosaurs.

In her other life as a punk-rock pioneer, she wrote lyrics to such classics as the Urinals’ “Ack Ack Ack Ack” and became adept at hauling amps in 3-inch stiletto heels. These days she lives on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park and prefers backpacking to dive bars.


Jessa Parayno is our Content Developer and Experience Designer extraordinaire.

Growing up, Jessa was the type of kid that pestered adults with the question "but, why?"...she also never learned to color within the lines.

As an adult, she still loves learning and coming up with answers to tough questions. She is a mash-up of relentless curiosity coupled with creative flair in order to design experiences that educate, entertain, and inspire. We're proud to report: she still hasn't learned to stay within the lines drawn up for her.

When not working on crispy goodies, Jessa can be found expressing herself in other mediums; such as: floral and biophilic design.


Erika Abrams is our Organizational Culture Collaborator.

A self-described creative talent whisperer and operational architect, Erika deploys her unique mix of Southern hospitality, and California cool and midwestern work ethic. She ensures a brand’s message is embedded deep within their company culture, and believes that great and influential organizations are built on innovative strategy, constructive communication, and efficient and high-performing workflow.

Busy as she is, she always has time for a great taco; ping her for a list of the best!

Erika's Link

Catherine Bell is our pixel maven, code buster, and creator of friendly and usable digital things.

Catherine's design practice is ethical, human-centered, and geeky. She loves projects where technology sparks a human connection between the user and artifacts of the past and present. Her clients have included contemporary artists: David Byrne, Sam Durant, and Cassils; and museums: the Getty Center and the Huntington Library, Museum, and Gardens.

Cathy's SITE

Joanna Saeyeon Yoon is our branding, graphics and illustrator super hero.

Born designer and artist, Saeyeon believes in clever yet playful design: a blend of Swiss precision with uniquely organic illustrations. She is a grid, typography, and color geek whose work can be found at the Los Angeles Transportation Authority (LA Metro), the Natural History Museum of LA, and the J. Paul Getty Museum.

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